by Sugar Still

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Recorded in two live sessions the week of May 26th, 2015, one in LukPac's living room in Madison WI and one in TeveMith's basement in Elgin, IL. We were shooting to capture who we are right now, an acoustic duo that loves to sing together. We hope you like it.


released June 11, 2015

Recording engineers: Luke Pacholski (LukPac), Steve Smith (TeveMith)
Mastered by Steve Smith



all rights reserved


Sugar Still Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Rosalee
Rosalee, honey why you running to me? Rosalee, baby why you running to me?
I'm sure you've left another lying in the street, Rosalee
I'll bet she's bowed and broken just like you left me, Rosalee

Rosalee, honey who you going to see? Rosalee, who you going to see?
If you're leaving now show some decency, Rosalee
You can close the shades so I can cry in peace, Rosalee

Rosalee, if you stay with me
I'll love you forever this I guarantee
Rosalee, just you wait and see, Rosalee

Rosalee, honey whatcha doing to me? Rosalee, baby whatcha doing to me?
I'm an easy mark, a low-slung piece of meat, Rosalee
And if you ever need me, baby call me please, Rosalee
Track Name: Paper Wings
I live on a four seasons patio
It’s not as nice as the hotel but it’ll do
There’s a heater in one corner, and a mattress on the floor
And a map of the world on the wall
That calls me home when I have nothing at all

Airplanes rise out my window,
paper wings lost in the snow
Boats all drown in the shallows,
crossing boundaries, how was I to know
The map never told me so

I lie in the morning in the cold,
staring idly at my phone
I could leave any minute, but you know I’ll still be here
Underneath the covers where it’s warm
Sheltered from imaginary storms

Get up, get up, get up and go: the cardinals point the way
Tug, tug the strings on my iron heart today
So I tear the map from the wall
To hell with it all
Track Name: Playtime
There's a game people play as they fall out of love
Their lips lose their shine pressed into lines that barely curl up
And that's the game we play now as we hover like doves
The roles that we play in this sad masquerade smother each other's love

Playtime, nothing here is really real it's just playtime
Playtime, we can't say how we feel
If we say the lines out loud it might bring the curtain down

What happened to us, was it faith, money, drugs
Did we lose what we'd found did it fall on the ground
As we crawled through the mud
I'm not angry I swear, I'm just puzzled I guess
Did we play to the crowd did we say lines out loud
That we didn't really get

And if we cry, all's forgiven
It's what we need to do to deliver the lines
Track Name: Moonshine
Will you be my moonshine
Will you light my way
I can't get enough of such heady stuff
That turns night into day
I just need a drop
You know that I can't stop
Once i get a taste i can't stay away
Just one sip sends me on a trip
So high I won't come down for days

What makes your light shine
It shines so bright
It's like a star inside your heart
Keeps burning higher every night
I feel childlike
Adventurous and wild
When you're near I lose all fear
And my tears pour out joyful as rain

My hand's in the darkness
You're lightyears away
You won't show but for your glow
In your light i'll lay
Exes on your hips
A buzz on your lips
I still can't get my fill
The night sky will never be the same
Track Name: Sunshine Woman
I dont need a diamond ring
I just need a girl that sings
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

I dont need those starched white sleeves
Just give me the grass and leaves
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

Cuz i'm a sunshine woman
Cuz i'm a sunshine woman
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

I don't need you fancy clothes
I just need the sun that glows
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

Cuz i'm a sunshine woman
Cuz i'm a sunshine woman

Let's go outside where the sun is bright and red
Where mosquitoes rise and the swallows dine overhead

I dont need to hit that big payday
I just need to feel that ocean spray
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah

Cuz i'm a sunshine woman
Cuz i'm a sunshine woman
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah
Bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah
Track Name: Nose Of The Wolf
He drove his old bass boat
From the bay in Duluth
Down through the nose of the Wolf
To the east and the south and the paw
He felt the years of tears in his eyes
His ears felt the bite of the wind
As it blew back his silver hair
And he clung to the shore
With a dog's sense of fear

And the name of his daughter
Seemed to sigh from from the motor
As he brought it down to half
And the bay turned the color of roses in summer
And the evening sun fingered the earth

When he found her under the old bay bridge
Her dress had snagged on a log
And he reached down the cold of her arm
But his eyes and mouth were dry
And he stared up through the grates and the steel
At the tourist cars going by
And he lifted her up and laid her down
For the long ride home into the wind

And the name of his daughter
Seemed to cry from the motor
As he brought it up to full
And the bay had a shimmer
From oil on the water
And the silver moon pulled at the shore
Track Name: Palatine
"My Funny Valentine" drifting in the air,
The billboards stop and stare down the road.
White lines count and keep time, metronome as concrete unfolds.

I used you to get to Palatine, past rows of shuttered stores
Your mother said she knew my kind, the wanderer.

A pockmarked moon and blemished sun stop you in your tracks.
There's no way for you to relax with me around.
Onward she strolls, plagued with potholes, wounds that make no sound.

I used you to get to Palatine, when the bar opened its doors.
I bathed in gin and quinine, the wanderer movin' on.

I raced you down at eighty-five miles an hour.
Red and blues drawn to me like flies on shit.
Rubber fries and burns my brain as glass shards make me whole again,
Breathe in your salvation as I take the hit.

I used you to get to Palatine
Forsaking bays and bridges behind, the wanderer's home.
Ooh the wanderer's home...
Track Name: Whiskey Waltz
At the bar, they only serve beer 
brewed within county lines

Cuz no one ever leaves here, or so they say

Barstools worn to the springs with vinyl peeling away
Are only a few of the things
 that slowly change

Ellie takes any hand offered
To dance the Whiskey Waltz

She'll give up a bit of her honor for a moment's distraction

He takes every chance to ask her to dance

To protect her from the boys who want part of the action

Every so often, there's a fight
 over some bottle or tab

It doesn't happen every night
 but the stories keep

She leans on her door like she did the night before

Pops some pills to forget her date and fall asleep

Lucid dreams show her a world outside
Glittering keys she must smother and hide
Track Name: Dying Birds
With a head full of stitches you're washing the dishes
And singing of dying birds
You only sing half the words and you start again

Hands under water, dreams of your mother
And each cruel word she said
Each underlined in red, you remember when

Petite ballerina inside the arena you spin 'til your arms are tired
Drunk from exhaustion and mumbling obsessions pulled by a fraying wire
Track Name: The Struggle
There's a well
A well that we dug in the field
Where the spring runs deep
And the smell
The smell of the seasons is real
The black loam reeks

From the crops
The crops of a thousand years
And the crying
The crying of a million tears
That flow in the ground

Oh child, oh child, no child
The struggle isn't over
Oh child, oh child, no child
The struggle isn't over

The barn
The barn holds machinery and tools
That we built by hand
And this farm
This farm's being ruined by fools
Who'll destroy the land

For fuel
Fuel that they kill for
Fuel that they suck from the sand
Fuel made out of poison
Fuel that's gonna kill us
Every woman and man

Oh child, oh child, no child
The struggle isn't over
Oh child, oh child, no child
The struggle isn't over

This war's not hemmed by borders
It's not hemmed by joy or need
This war's fueled by men in power
Fueled by money
Fueled by greed

Oh child, oh child, no child
The struggle isn't over
Oh child, oh child, no child
The struggle isn't over